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White Cooking Wine. Reese Vintage Cooking Wines offer a convenient way to add a special touch to a wide variety of dishes. Great for adding subtle flavor to chicken or fish when used in a poaching liquid. Related Products. Red Cooking Wine.

Cooking wine or cooking sherry usually refers to inexpensive grape wine (or rice wine in Chinese and other East Asian cuisine) which is intended for use as an ingredient in food rather than as a beverage. Cooking wine typically available in North America is treated with .

Description: Fine Lominsan white wine fortified with grape spirit and allowed to mature to the point of perfection, though the flavor may be too strong for weaker palates.

Opened wine spoils fast. Red wine lasts about 1 day, white wine lasts about 3 days. You can prolong this slightly by putting it in the refrigerator, but only by a few days at most, and it depends on the wine.. It may be "safe" to consume for much longer, but the taste will be way off, even for cooking purposes.