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Apr 09,  · It’s been 14 long years since anyone’s done us the favor of asking about what’s generally called Midget Town in Long Beach. It goes by other, similar names as well, and we’ll henceforth Author: Tim Grobaty.

La Linda was once the palatial estate of a wealthy Long Beach banker, George Hathaway Bixby. Upon his death in , the land was sold to a developer who subdivided the estate. It is from this development that the Midgetville stories began to circulate, but the small .

matt reeves of long beach, ca on said: I've lived in Long Beach a long time and heard midget town rumours even longer. If it's there, I don't know anyone that knows where it is. Anonymous of downey, california on said: I've always heard about it but I thought it was a myth until my friend drove us there at 5am, its real!