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If a man masters one thing in life it should be this. The perfect cunnilingus position for a quickie or a long slow road to orgasm, in the Spread Eagle she can lie back and truly indulge in the pleasure of oral Jenny Allen.

The eagle, or spread eagle, is a sex position which involves you lying on your back, spreading your legs really wide, to allow your partner to hang over you. The result? Deep Alexia Dellner.

Feb 18,  · Spice up your relationship and sex life with the hottest sex positions and Kama Sutra positions at Cosmo's Sofa Spread-Eagle sex position is perfect for that quickie sex Author: Cosmopolitan.

Dec 21,  · Why You'll Love It. There's nothing like the feeling of impulsive, must-have-it-right-now sex while standing up. But the Sofa Spread-Eagle spares you both the royal pain of matching up your 5/5.