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Jul 23,  · Psoriasis on the head of the penis is actually quite common. And it causes exactly the type of symptoms that you have - red patches which do not particularly itch or pain. The main treatment is the application of a steroid cream to decrease the inflammation and then a .

Apr 13,  · Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection caused by a poxvirus. It’s spread through skin-to-skin contact or by sharing towels, clothes, bedding, Author: Tim Jewell.

Part of the skin on the head of my penis has become slightly red and is causing some pain/irritation. It first appeared the day after I used a condom so I think I must have had a reaction to the latex or some other substance in the condom. The tip of the penis became super sensitive and noticeably hurt whenever it touched my underwear.

Dec 12,  · Red Spots on Penile Head Red spots or patches on the penis can be either itchy or not itchy. Pearly penile papules are common painless red spots that can occur on the bellend of the penis. This spots can appear alarming but they are totally harmless and they cannot interfere with proper functioning of the penis.