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How gay is Top Gun? Let Quentin Tarantino tell you top gun gay film

Nov 16,  · Why you should care. Starting with Bruckheimer, the film’s own Top Gun, it is worth recalling that the producer, whose earlier work included American Gigolo and Flashdance, was no stranger to making erotic, highly suggestive movies designed to appeal to younger audiences. Moreover, Top Gun ’s director, Tony Scott.

May 12,  · [Warning: clip contains adult language] In a queer way, he was right. Top Gun isn’t a gay movie – but it’s flagrantly not a very straight one either. Whatever the intentions of its makers, it’s kind of swings both way; port and starboard. And this seems to be widely accepted now.

May 14,  · After 30 years, a look back at one of Tony Scott's biggest hits and a bygone era of action. A decade after Vietnam ended with a whimper, Top Gun was an intended antidote to movies like Oliver Stone’s Platoon, which won Best Picture the same year Maverick conquered the box office. If Platoon argued that war is hell.

Jun 03,  · Tom Cruise film marks its 30th anniversary this summer and a sequel is planned. One of the most homoerotic scenes in Top Gun was a beach volleyball scene featuring Tom Cruise and others. The Tom Cruise classic Top Gun will celebrate its 30th anniversary this summer so this is as good a time as any to watch it again.