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Cameron Diaz has been around for a while. We all watched her when she exploded into the limelight with The Mask, laughed with her in There’s Something About Mary and enjoyed her action skills in Charlie’s Angels. Now you’ll get to see her nude. Isn’t life swell? Diaz has gotten naked on film.

The red band trailer for Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel's latest vehicle, a movie about profound love and the meaning of human relationships in an age of technology, was released yesterday. It's called Sex Tape. There are boobs.

Apr 10,  · Here is Cameron Diaz topless but covered in only her bikini bottom while skinny dipping with her female friends as she enjoy the water in the Caribbean. I cannot believe the paparazzi didn't get.

Nov 13,  · She famously stripped naked in comedy Sex Tape. But 15 years prior, fresh-faced Cameron Diaz unveiled her mostly-naked figure to the world in a super-sexy lads' mag spread - .