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This is the home web page for the Sister Study. It is part of the Sister Study website, the sister study is a national research study for risk factors for breast cancer in women with sisters with cancer.

Research in the Sister Study focuses on causes of breast cancer and other health issues in women, as well as on factors that influence quality of life and outcomes after a breast cancer diagnosis. Our Participants WHERE THEY COME FROM. Sister Study participants come from all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and from all walks of life.

Breast cancer-free sisters aged 35 to 74 years were recruited from all states and Puerto Rico through health professionals, breast cancer advocates, the Internet, recruitment volunteers, and a national media campaign with an emphasis on recruiting under-represented groups. Study materials were available in English or Spanish.

Meat consumption has been postulated to increase the risk of breast cancer, but this association has not been consistently seen. We examined the association between consumption of different types of meat, meat mutagens and incident invasive breast Jamie J. Lo, Jamie J. Lo, Yong‐Moon Mark Park, Rashmi Sinha, Dale P. Sandler.