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The frog (standard) is the central part of the plough bottom to which the other components of the bottom are attached. It is an irregular piece of metal, which may be made of cast iron for cast iron ploughs or welded steel for steel ploughs. The frog is the foundation of the plough bottom.

May 17,  · Simon Witty - World Reversible Ploughing champion shows how to set up a plough and discusses the importance of correct tyre selection.

May 30,  · How to plough a field - basic instructions Ensure that the field to be ploughed is free of plant material that could clog up the plough -- it should be mowed close to the ground and the.

Plough alignment. In vintage and classic ploughing classes the equipment being used is now 37 years old as a minimum (classic ploughing) and some ploughs in the trailing plough class could be getting toward 90 years old. Distortion, due to ploughing up boulder stones or tree roots is bound to be a problem, sometimes damage is clearly visible and a quick eye over the plough will show it is bent.