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It had been a little under a year after the giant war had ended and percy was walking through the woods of camp half blood. He usually came back here when he was with Annabeth so they could have sex but they broke up a while ago. Now percy just wondered around the woods looking for some monster to fight.

The Heroes of Olympus Thalia Blackmails Percy and Annabeth (Rated R) aqualad posted on Sep 03, at PM. Readers discretion may be advised. You've been warned. No one can replace you. But we gotta get a hold of that video of us having sex." Percy said. They walked back to the cabin hand in hand, feeling different than before.

Four Times Percy and Annabeth Almost Have Sex (and the first time they did) one. Making out, Percy quickly learns, involves a lot of awkward groping, flailing around like an idiot, and plenty of opportunities to make an ass out of himself in front of the person who matters most to him in the world.

Dec 21,  · Annabeth's the first to voice what's all on their minds. "So, by 'we need to have sex or else we'll die,' you really meant, 'something heavy is going to fall over and I'd rather not be there when it does'?" "It was a really boring party," says Rachel defensively, and then shifts her hips up pointedly, telling them to get back to what they were.