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Georges Bataille was the son of Joseph-Aristide Bataille (b. ), a tax collector (later to go blind and paralysed on account of neurosyphilis), and Antoinette-Aglaë Tournarde (b. ).Born on 10 September in Billom in the region of Auvergne, his family moved to Reims in , where he was baptized. He went to school in Reims and then É mater: École Nationale des Chartes.

Georges Bataille Story of the Eye () Story of the Eye was printed in several significantly different editions. This is the digitization of the translation (by Joachim Neugroschal) of the first edition that.

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Georges Bataille, 'Base Materialism and Gnosticism', 'The Use-Value of D A F de Sade' and 'The Notion of Expenditure' from Visions of Excess: Selected Writings , trans. Allan Stoekl, with Carl R .