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After finals, drinks lead to a friend with new benefits. A threesome shares moments of exhibitionism in the hot tub. Day two at the beach culminates in a game of truth or dare. Bisexual exhibitionist lives out a fantasy with his friends. and other exciting erotic at!

(Cover photo from Jemingway via flickr). Get our collection of best stories in as a thank you for your story!; Have a blast reading and commenting other's nude dare stories!; Truth or Dare often escalates with harder and harder dares. Laughing about who is in love with whom or getting everyone to kiss each other will stop being excited at some point.

One of the most truly humiliating Truth or Dare stories is sent to us by a year old girl. Sexy Truth or Dare in the dark Naked Dare Stories that are Sizzling Hot and Humorous Not rated yet It was your average middle school girl sleepover. We were hanging out in the living, sitting on top of our sleeping bags, playing a good old.