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But summative evaluation deals with the whole project as it is performed after the completion. 5. The formative evaluation considers the assessment as a process. And summative evaluation is considered more of a product. Advantages of Summative Evaluation: There are numerous advantages when a summative evaluation is considered in the academic Krishna Reddy.

From a formative perspective, we look to improve our overall program including the workshops, website collections, and leadership current objectives of the summative evaluation plan are to assess the impact of the workshops and website on faculty teaching and student learning.

Apr 04,  · Educator Evaluation Summative Performance Rating. In the Massachusetts educator evaluation framework, every educator receives a Summative Performance Rating. Based on the 5-Step Evaluation Cycle, the purpose of the Summative Performance Rating is to identify areas of strength and opportunities for continuous growth and development.

This handbook documents the comprehensive evaluation and training system that is being used with Indiana's adult basic education programs. It consists of a set of instruments to assess the effectiveness of ABE programs and a series of workshops to train program providers to carry out the evaluation. Two introductory sections contain a guide to the evaluation handbook and a materials by: 1.