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May 05,  · Republicans tell Arab leaders - US supports Israel Monday, May 23, At the World Economic Forum conference in Jordan on Saturday, Republican members of the U.S. Congressional delegation were very direct in letting Arab leaders know that the U.S. support of Israel is unwavering.

Aug 01,  · Politics and its Discontents Reflections, Observations, and Analyses Pertaining to the Canadian Political Scene. We are hosting our dear friends from Cuba for about the next week, so depending on our sight-seeing schedule, my blogging may not be quite as regular as usual. The video that follows was made by Canadian Doctors For Medicare.

Netanyahu Demands International Endorsement of Settlement Expansion 'While Netanyahu freezes settlements, Bennett keeps quiet,' settlers say Three-quarters of British Jews believe settlements are 'major' obstacle to peace New report issued by British pro-peace outfit Yachad finds 24% of British Jews would be willing to 'support some sanctions against Israel' if they thought it would push.

I am being selected for Global Citizen Summit (GCS ), which will be held on the 19th - 22nd of August in Bangkok, Thailand. GCS aims to gather active, visionary young global citizens, who are willing to find solutions for our society’s challenges and threats that require collective efforts of local as well as global community to solve the problems and to transform our world to Occupation: Youth Worker.