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Dec 22,  · As a Sheltie owner and breeder I have never known any of my Sheltie breeder friends able to tip an adult Shelties ears. By the time a Sheltie is a year old and has not had any work done towards tipping a prick ear, the cartiledge is far too tough to ever bend over into a nice looking "tip".Status: Open.

Sheltie Ears Training Tips Personally, my goal is to breed for tipped Sheltie ears so I eventually produce them naturally. I’d just as soon not have to go through the trouble of all this gluing and taping and weighting. But if I want them in the show ring, they need the proper ears to win.

A Sheltie is a Shetland Sheepdog that originated from Scotland. According to the American Kennel Club, the Sheltie is considered a miniature Collie. This breed is long haired and very trainable. The ears are considered small and can be manipulated to stand straight up. When tipped, the pointy part of the ear .

Those darn Sheltie ears! Submitted by Shelteak on Mon, 03/03/ - 11 Once the adult teeth are fully in place, provided the ears are not unruly in their resistance to bracing, the ears should be reasonably set. Other things said to negatively affect ear tips are cold weather and bitches in season. We generally brace our show dogs’ ears.