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Dec 02,  · Crumb's use of racist iconography is notorious, he could have used predecessors such as these to make a comic strip that consciously avoided racial caricature, rather than one that Author: Noah Berlatsky.

Mar 13,  · True story: Years ago, I was selected by Knight Rider to defend the planet Knight Rider. So obviously, my extensive military background makes it difficult to look at combat tactics from the same point of view as racist Wheaties marketing civilians. That being said, this trap seems really fucking stupid, even for a comic book ad.

Gasoline Alley is a comic strip created by Frank King and distributed by Tribune Content centers on the lives of patriarch Walt Wallet, his family, and residents in the town of Gasoline Alley, with storylines reflecting American conservative values.. The strip debuted on November 24, ; as of , it is the longest-running strip in the United States, and the second longest Genre(s): Humor, Gag-a-day.

Cartoonist Lee Falk's adventure comic strip Mandrake the Magician featured the African supporting character Lothar from its debut. He was a former "Prince of the Seven Nations", a federation of jungle tribes, but passed on the chance to become king and instead followed Mandrake on his world travels, fighting crime.