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Learn how to puree, the right gear to buy, plus 27 pureed diet recipes This guide will teach you everything you need to know about making pureed food for the elderly. Learn how to puree different kinds of foods and what equipment you need to get the best results!Author: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®.

Essential Puree is your source for puree recipes for the adults and the elderly and those looking for soft food diet recipes due to dysphagia, gastric bypass surgery, post-surgery diet, injury or swallowing disorders. Indispensable for caregivers.

Sep 01,  · When you think of pureed food, visions of art and a taste of pure bliss don’t often come to mind. However, the gourmet chefs at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions are reinventing the senior living dining experience. Learn more about fine senior dining and see these 10 pictures that will change the way you think about pureed food for Dana Larsen.