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The goal is to help the blind live independent lives. For adults, employment services are available. Legally blind children can receive the training and special assistance needed to be successful in school. Your local department of health and human services can help you .

Jul 17,  · Are legally blind, refer to Publication , Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information. to see if you qualify for an increased standard deduction. Had gross income, refer to Publication , Taxable and Nontaxable Information to see if you qualify for any special credits or deductions.; Have a physical or mental disability that limits your employment, refer to Publication

Mar 16,  · To qualify for federal benefits as a blind individual, you must be legally blind. That means your vision is not correctable to at least 20/ in your best eye, or you have a visual field of 20 degrees or less. You might qualify for state benefits even if you're ineligible for federal benefits.

The Social Security Administration provides benefits for the legally blind, and there are federal and state tax deductions as well. There also is a variety of non-governmental resources aimed at making it easier to lead a normal life despite severe vision impairment.