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Some of these programs may still be available on demand to HBO subscribers. Series Animated programs. Title First broadcast The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures: Encyclopedia: Encyclopedia Brown: Fraggle Rock (Currently airs in reruns on HBO Family's HBO Kids morning block)

This is a list of adult animated television series (including web television series); that is, animated programs originally targeted towards audiences aged 13 and over in mind.. Mature animation is comparatively rare in North America and Europe, as animated series are culturally expected to be created for children.

HBO’s library is deep in terms of volume but you’ll also find some of the best series of all time. This site isn’t old enough to have covered them all since the 70’s but be sure to check out our HBO Classics page for some of those older series that we touch on from time to time. Series come and go so we’ll be updating and shifting.

Aug 28,  · HBO’s popular drama series “The Deuce” is set in Times Square in the s before the New York neighborhood was purged of its X-rated movie houses and adult book stores. But the cleanup of Author: Stephen Battaglio.