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Gerbilling, also known as gerbil stuffing or gerbil shooting, is a rumoured sexual practice of inserting small live animals (usually gerbils but also mice, hamsters, rats and various other rodents) into the human rectum to obtain stimulation. Some variations of reports suggest that the rodent be covered in a psychoactive substance such as cocaine prior to being inserted.

Nov 09,  · My gerbil, Simon, seems to be uncomfortable tonight with a possible swollen scrotum and was wondering if anyone has dealt with this issue? I will call the vets tomorrow if he still seems to be having this issue but he seems uncomfortable, is stretching his legs when he walks around occasionally and just doesn't seem himself.

Nov 20,  · Best Answer: Before you resort to any kind of treatment you have to figure out whether he is constipated, or what it may be. Constipation is generally pretty easy to remedy, provided that is really what's wrong. Here is a couple things to do, but first remember to be gentle, if Status: Open.

Mar 21,  · A selection from the Savage Love archives. Pull all four of its legs off. Leave the tail. Set aside. Take a paper towel roll, grease it up, and insert it into your rectum. Tie a string to the gerbil's tail. Nudge the gerbil into the outside end of the paper towel roll. If for no other reason than to get away from the person who knocked its teeth out, Author: Dan Savage.