How Much Vitamin D Should You Take For Optimal Health? - daily d3 for adult males


How much vitamin D is needed to achieve optimal levels? daily d3 for adult males

Scientific evidence suggests that supplementing the male body with approximately IU Vitamin D3 daily can cause testosterone levels to increase without the utilization of testosterone replacement therapy. On average, this vitamin D3 dosage could cause a 25% increase in testosterone levels. While vitamin D3 is beneficial for men with low Author: Michael Wight.

Vitamin D and calcium are essential for bone health. How to know if you're getting enough. Adult men 1, milligrams; It's not hard to reach your daily goal. You can get more than Author: Amanda Gardner.

The best available clinical indicator of vitamin D status is serum 25OHD and vitamin D intake and effective sun exposure are the major determinants of this level. Serum 25OHD levels decline with ageing but the response to vitamin D3 supplementation is not affected by age or by usual calcium dietary intake.

May 22,  · I had one patient elevate to D3 level from up dosing while she had severe illness. She was talking 20,iu daily for about a month. She had no symptoms I could discern related to D3 toxicity. R. Vieth PhD- paper showed of all patients with D3 intoxication were above were at that level but most showed levels of