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adults contextualized instruction

Contextualized basic skills instruction is an instructional approach that creates explicit connections between the teaching of reading, writing or math and instruction in a discipline or technical field. Contextualized basic skills instruction uses industry and occupational knowledge to support the learning of basic reading, math and language.

Contextualized Curriculum for Workplace Education: An Introductory Guide. Written by Jenny Lee Utech of the MA Worker Education Roundtable for the MA Dept. of Education, Adult and Community Learning Services, 1 Contextualized Curriculum for Workplace Education.

Contextualized Curriculum (Targeted Occupation, Career Path, or Industry-Specific) Contextualized curriculum must often be created by instructors who work in Integrated Education and Training programs. The following resources include frameworks for the development of such curriculum as well as a few examples of existing contextualized curriculum.

challenges in the classroom to create contextualized activities that promote learning, retention and persistence. Explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration with college and basic skills staff to develop contextualized teaching and learning lessons and form professional learning communities.