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Adult-Onset Scoliosis In the average person’s mind, scoliosis is associated with children and adolescents and the prevalence of scoliosis amongst adolescents is 4%. Surprisingly, in adults in general, scoliosis is over 20%. It increases to 40% in adults over age Read more ›.

Feb 05,  · Adult scoliosis treatment is not always necessary, a study says, because many adults who don't get treatment do just fine. we have learned that patients with untreated late-onset scoliosis can Author: Daniel J. Denoon.

The treatment options for adult-onset scoliosis are different than adolescent-onset scoliosis. For children, the primary goal is to straighten the curvature of the spine. For adults the primary goal is to relieve pain and improve flexibility. You may not need surgery.

Adult-onset scoliosis can be a distressing experience—both in the psychological impact of your body’s changing appearance and in the physiological pain and inflammation that the condition can cause. Our physicians at The Advanced Spine Center have spent years addressing the causes of adult-onset .