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adult male clinical circumcision

The Adult Circumcision Process – Two Methods. Our team and our internal procedures are optimized to deliver care to men requiring circumcision. We perform two methods of circumcision at Pollock Clinics – mogen clamp circumcision using the Pollock Technique™and Shang Ring Circumcision. Both provide equally good cosmetic results.

Aug 08,  · Adult circumcision takes about one hour. Parents should talk with their doctor about the benefits and risks of the procedure before making a decision regarding circumcision of a male child.

Mar 27,  · In the present study, we investigated the safety and efficacy of a new male circumcision technique involving the use of a circular stapler. In total, consecutive adult male patients were randomly divided into 2 groups: underwent stapler circumcision, and Cited by: 3.

Jul 31,  · Introduction. Randomized clinical trials in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya showed 50–61% efficacy in reducing HIV incidence among men undergoing circumcision compared to those who remained uncircumcised [1–3].Based on these data, the World Health Organization now recommends male circumcision as an important element of HIV prevention programs [].Cited by: