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50 rows · Apr 29,  · The differential diagnosis should include growth hormone deficiency and growth hormone resistance (caused by GH receptor or STAT5b anomalies), growth delay due to insulin-like growth factor I resistance and primary acid-labile subunit (ALS) deficiency syndrome (see these terms), as well as secondary IGF-I deficiency .

Although IGF-1 can be very useful in diagnosis of AGHD, appropriate population based cutoffs, expressed as a IGF-1 standard deviation score (IGF-1 SDS), can prove to be more useful as an isolated diagnostic marker in adults. IGF-BP3, although useful, does not provide any further diagnostic accuracy over IGFCited by:

The diagnosis of the adult GH deficiency syndrome from a clinical and laboratory standpoint has been reviewed. Therapy guidelines and monitoring should focus on the patient’s symptoms and IGF-1 .

A normal level of IGF-1 does not exclude presence of GH deficiency in adults [15]; studies show that 37 to 70% of GH deficient adults have normal IGF-1 levels.[16, 17] An explanation for this discordance is /5(75).