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Jan 30,  · A guardian ad litem acts on behalf of a child or a disabled adult during a lawsuit or court case. A guardian ad litem is charged with telling a judge what he or she believes is in the best interest of a child and act as a liaison between the parents, the child and other people who take care of the child, like teachers, other family members and family Phoenixdivorceattorney.

A guardian ad litem is a person that is appointed to represent the best interests of a child in a court case.A guardian ad litem is usually a lawyer, but does not have to be. The guardian ad litem will work with the attorneys in the case, state agencies, the child’s teachers, and other people who know the child to create a guardian ad litem report for the David.

Mar 05,  · The legal term guardian ad litem (“GAL”) refers to an individual appointed by the court to represent the best interests of a minor child in legal proceedings, such as divorce, child custody, child abuse and neglect, and parental rights and responsibilities cases.A guardian ad litem has a unique responsibility to the child, protecting only his interests in cases that are frequently fraught.

An individual or an entity, like a private fiduciary (a person or an entity that holds a license to act as a guardian for someone and is paid to do so), may serve as guardian of a minor or of an incapacitated adult. In addition, the court can appoint the public fiduciary of the county to act as guardian for an incapacitated adult.