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adult each harry hermione in love other story

Located: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Harry/Hermione: After repeatedly being teased by Fred and George about her feelings for Harry and them making a bet if she would or would not do it in public, Hermione proves just what she is willing to do to prove in front of everyone in the Great Hall how she feels about Harry Potter.

After catching her breath, Hermione spoke, “I meant it you know. I do love you Harry, more than anything.” “And I love you,” he replied. “You mean the world to me.” They laid there in a loving embrace for a time before moving under the covers. The kids spooned against each .

• Harry/Hermione love story • The two best friends realize they have feelings for each other during their sixth year at Hogwarts • Voldemort is not trying to kill them «.

Follow/Fav When two people love each other. By: NeuroticNerd. Then there was dancing and drinks. It had become dark before they stumbled home, Harry, Hermione and Ron to the burrow and Snape to his house. Ginny and Malfoy apparated to their hotel in London where they would be spending the night before they went off on their honeymoon.