Adults Really Shouldn't Drink Human Breast Milk - adult drinking breastmilk


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Barring a fetishistic need, those who want to reap the benefits from breast milk without actually drinking it may want to consider supplementation, such as bovine colostrum. Colostrum is a milky fluid that comes from the breasts of humans, cows, and other mammals .

Aug 28,  · One more health benefits of breast milk for adults are it may helpful against diabetes. According to some researches, breast milk is an excellent source of stem cells and stem cells are the key to fight certain medical conditions, including Eka Arifin.

Jan 12,  · Adults drinking breast milk is hardly a new phenomenon. The ancient Egyptians are said to have used it to treat wounds, for example. Then there's the exemplary story of Author: Sabina Urraca.

Dec 16,  · Some adults have never drank breast milk probably because they were never breastfed when they were Angela Laguipo.